Matt Miazga, Ethan Ampadu and Cucho Hernandez

Episode 4 · September 12th, 2018 · 1 hr 1 min

About this Episode

First up, we talk about Brazil's encounter with USA. Who was Matt impressed with as the American on the podcast? Why was Yedlin the poster boy? Why were there ONLY 20,000 fans there? And how good was Matt Miazga?

Next up, we talk about Italy, Poland and Wales- who impressed out of these nations? What do the Azzurri have to do to eclipse their former greatness? How good could Ethan Ampadu become?

After that, we discuss Santi Cazorla and his route back from injury....if you haven't already read Sid Lowe's article on him......just go and do it, sensational stuff.

Now, the next story I've ever only heard about on Fifa/Football manager....but Bordeaux forgot to register a player for their Europa League squad....yes it's as ridiculous as it sounds!

Finally, Colombian football expert Simon Edwards joins us to talk about Cucho Hernandez!

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Music by Joakim Karud